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Meet the Team


Is our Lead Photographer and Social Media Manager. In his spare time Simon likes visiting local pubs and rambles in the countryside!

Lead Photographer


Is our Accounts Manager and makes sure our books are balanced! In his spare time he enjoys retro computer games and classic cars!

Accounts Manager


Is our Lead Web Designer, he looks after all the techie stuff! In his spare time he enjoys cooking and walks with his dog!

Web Designer & IT


Is our Managing Director, he founded our company and oversees everything that goes on at A2Z! In his spare time he enjoys car boot sales and bargain hunting!

Managing Director


Is our Operations Manager, he makes sure everything is running with military precision! In his spare time he enjoys local pubs and travelling.

Operations Manager


Is our Warehouse Manager, he is responsible for ensuring our stock is all in order and your orders go on time! In his spare time he enjoys going to the cinema.

Warehouse Manager


Is a Warehouse Technician, his job is to ensure that your order is picked, packed, checked and ready for dispatch! Matt enjoys DIY and building projects in his spare time!

Warehouse Technician


Is our Administrative Manager, and oversees that all our paperwork and correspondence is upto date! In her spare time she enjoys loud music and animals!

Administrative Manager

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