Dropshipping Returns Policy

Summary of Policy

When we dropship an item for you, we have entered into a contract with you as a retailer and not your customer. Liability for an item becomes your responsibility upon delivery of the item from us. This means that any problem(s) your customer might experience become your responsibility as a retailer and will lie inline with your own Terms and Conditions of Sale.

As you are retailing this item you are legally affected as a retailer by the Sales of Goods Act 1979 and if selling product at distance you will also be affected by Distance Selling Regulations. For these reasons, your customer has legal rights which may fall outside of our Returns Policy and Terms and Conditions.

The product is faulty

If a product does become faulty your customer must return the item to you. If the item you receive back is faulty but within the terms of our Wholesale Returns Policy you may send it back to us.

Should a product become faulty outside of our Wholesale Returns Policy and Terms and Conditions you as a retailer may still be legally obliged to reimburse your customer but can seek a repair or reimbursement from the manufacturer using their warranty if one has been provided with the item.

The product is incorrect

If we have dropshipped an item incorrectly and your customer wishes for an exchange we will send a prepaid envelope to your customer so that they are not inconvenienced to pay for return postage.

If your customer wishes to be refunded, we will send a prepaid envelope for your customer and upon receiving the item back we will refund you both your product cost and postage.



Featured This Week - CLEARANCE - Below Cost Price

Featured This Week - CLEARANCE - Below Cost Price

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